We are a young team who love and respect the nature ,and we want to share our special moments in the nature with people who feel good in the nature and love it. Also to discover the thousands of secrets of the nature together.

The Tours

All tours takes place in a beautiful area (both for the vegetation, fauna and for its history, too). This beautiful area (named Valea Bogatii) represented the favorite area of hunt for some important people from our history, such as: Bratianu, Maurer, Ceausescu.

The Action

Photo-hunting program includes the visit at our hides, which are very well placed in the forest, where the viewer can see all the details about the behavior of animals in wild (bears, wild-boars, deer).

Bird Watching

On the other side, at the bird watching tour you can see the behavior of the birds in a special area, named “Carpathian Delta- Doripesco”, placed in a protected area “Sit Natura 2000”. Here you can see (depending on the season) many species of birds (Black Stork, Swan, Egrets, and many other species).

Respect Nature

All this activity is based on the respect and love for nature, which gives us back great pictures and unforgettable memories. Nature can teach us, if we are willing to listen and to see lessons that can be applied in real life.


The Team

We are a dedicated team to support, help and learn the beauty of the nature,and willing to share all the knowledge with our tourists.


We hope you will find this presentation interesting and curious enough to visit us !!

Wild-boar trip

Visit our Wild-boar hide for 2-3 hours :
At this hidewehave a place where we attract the wild-boars with food(special corn). Visit available all year long. It takes place in the afternoon/evening until almost dark.
Before this visit we have for customers some traditional pancakes at one Traditional Restaurant,near the forest .

Wildlife Tracking Tour

This tour it will be one which mix wildlife tracks with history,because we will go on some areas where our past President from the comunism period,Nicolae Ceausescu was at hunting and you can see exactly the place where he stayed at Hunting .
On this tour we will see and learn the tracks of the wild animals and we will end it in a Trout fish farm ,where you will see how is growing the fish .
After this tour ,you will taste a traditional pancakes in the Restaurant ,near the forest and near the lake .

Bear-watching tour

Visit our Bear hide for 2-3 hours :
At this hide we have a place where we can see the bears in their wild Habitat.
Visit available from April till late October. It takes place in the afternoon/evening until almost dark.Before this visit we have for customers some traditional pancakes at one Traditional Restaurant ,near the forest .

Carphatian Deer trip

Visit Carphatian Deer in the wild :
At this trip we have the opportunity to see the Deer in a special period of time ,the mating season when it is absolutely impressive because only in this period of time ,the deer make a sound which represents a call for the females and also the power of this beauty of nature . Visit available from September till October.

Bird trip

The area where we are doing this activity is called ``The Delta of Brasov`` or ``The Delta within the mountains``. This area was designated as a Special Protection Area and Ramsar Site because of its importance for birds and their habitats. Since 1993 more than 200 bird species have been identified here. Some of these species are included in the annex 1 of Birds Directive and in Bern and Bonn Conventions,such as : Bittern(Botaurus stellaris), Purple Heron(Ardea purpurea ), Great Egret (Casmerodius albus), Black Stork (Ciconia nigra ). All of these species are considered key species for the conservation of the area .

Wild boar


  • Wild boar trip at hide
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  • Traditional food for our guests


    • Bears trip
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Carphatian Deer


  • Carphatian Deer trip in wild
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  • Birds trip in wild
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